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Action Comics #544-546…New Braniac Comic Book Retrospective

May 19, 2021

Joe Corallo, Eric Breen and Wes travel back to 1983 and talk about the first appearance of the new Braniac. Introduced in the back-up story in the 45th anniversary special Action Comics #544, Marv Wolfman and Gil Kane gave Braniac a new sinister design and personality. Braniac had become too similar to Lex Luthor, who was firmly established as Superman’s arch nemesis. The new Braniac was a colder and even more calculating foe than before. Gil Kane’s stunning art brought the new diabolical sentient robot to life with an enormous skull-shaped ship in tow. Superman eventually enlists the aid of the Justice League and Teen Titans when Braniac presents a clear and present danger to earth. Marv Wolfman and Gil Kane’s Action Comics #544-546 goes down as a new take on a classic villain and masterclass in superhero storytelling.


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