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Detective Comics: Strange Apparitions and the Joker Fish Comic Book Retrospective

May 31, 2021

Wes is joined by award-winning comic book editor Joe Corallo and life-long reader Eric Breen to discuss Batman and the infamous Joker Fish. Steve Englehart was promised a Batman story when he left Marvel for DC Comics. He finally got take the character for a spin in 1977 with ‘Detective Comics: Strange Apparitions’ with artist Marshall Rogers. It a kinetic affair that see The Dark Knight fight the likes of Boss Thorne, Hugo Strange, The Penguin, Deadshot, Joker and more. But at the heart of the story it’s about identity and if Bruce Wayne is ready to give up Batman to pursue happiness with Silver St. Cloud. Englehart and Rogers also introduce an iconic Joker prop, the Joker Fish. Can the Caped Crusader give up his life of crime fighting to pursue personal happiness? 


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