Thinking Critical Comic Book Podcast

Get Ready For Batwoman Who Laughs, Jonathan Hickman’s Regrets, Batman/X-Men Reviews

September 26, 2021

Wes talks about all the latest developments around Batman before X-Men Historian Dok joins Wes to talk the latest X-Men news. Josh McDonald is still under the weather so Wes reviews the latest Batman comics including Batman #113, Nightwing #84, Catwoman #35 and Batman: The Detective #5. Fear State is heating up but not all the titles are clicking yet. (00:00:00) Wes then can’t talk about The Catwoman Who Laughs before going on a rant about how much he loathes The Batman Who Laughs. (00”27:42) Jonathan Hickman graded the X-Men writers room and talked about missed opportunities during his time on X-Men. (00:38:44) Dok joins Wes to review the latest X-Men comic including X-Men: Onslaught Revelation, X-Men #3 and X-Men Legends #7. (01:01:42)


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