Thinking Critical Comic Book Podcast

J. Scott Campbell Controversy Continues, Marvel Creators Can’t Do Social Media and More

May 16, 2021

J. Scott Campbell had to release multiple statements following his latest controversy. There were several inappropriate comments supporting him on Twitter and Instagram. In his initial statement he ran afoul of ComicsGate and eventually released an apology. (00:00) Dan Slott made statements supporting race, gender and sexuality swapping in TV, movies and comic books this week. Comic book writer/editor Aaron Sparrow and Wes debate the implicates of Slott’s comments and question why he isn’t willing to give his spot at Marvel. (12:59) Writer Lonnie Nadler lamented many of his friends ion the comic industry considering leaving the profession or finding part-time work to support their careers. Aaron Sparrow and Wes discuss why creators can’t get a break or afford to support their families these days. (36:56) New X-MEN writer Gerry Duggan has a history of disrespecting comic fans. He took it to another level this week. Aaron Sparrow has some pointed words about Gerry’s view of the fans. (59:47) Failing your way to the top seems to work in Marvel’s X-Men office . Gerry Duggan and Leah Williams recently had comics cancelled due to low sales and promptly received higher profile series. Perch and Wes discuss. (01:21:10) The quality of writing and customer service in comics has trend down for many years. Eric Breen and Wes debate how we got here. (01:35:02) Recently Marvel and DC Comics have started courting the indie comic office. No longer creating stories that appeal to the masses. X-Men historian Dok has theories about why this happened. (01:57:33) Marvel Comics are overhyping and spoiling upcoming events and story arcs to generate interest. Comic writer/editor Joe Corallo explains why that’s a recipe for disaster. (02:17:19) Comic artist Timothy Lim is producing art at an unprecedented pace in crowdfunding comics. He’s also a licensed Audiologist, manages all his crowdfunding campaigns, runs a YouTube channel and talk radio host. How does he juggle all the responsibilities and maintain his deadlines? Tim breaks it all down with Wes. (02:36:45)