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Marvel Addicted to Events, J. Scott Campbell Controversy, Batman News and More

May 9, 2021

Wes runs down the biggest comic book news, rumors and in-depth conversations in this weeks The Comic Wrap. Marvel Comics continue announcing future event and crossover comics before the previous events are even started. Marvel Comics are wearing readers out with events and crossovers in 2021. In June alone, Marvel has 5 concurrent comic book events. In July, they feature 4 comic book events. These are terrible signs for the short term health of Marvel Comics. (00:00) An amateur artist tried “fixing” a classic J. Scott Campbell Spider-Man cover featuring longtime love interest Mary Jane. J. Scott Campbell turned the tables and provided a professional critique of the “fix”. Comic writer Aaron Sparrow and Wes detail the ensuing controversy. (14:40) Wes and Perch from Comics, by Perch discuss the evolution of Ccmic book sales and marketing over the decades. What changes brought us to our current state. (34:56) Eric Breen explains why remaking classic stories is almost always a bad idea. (56:06) Comic Quirks YouTube host Jimmy quit reading DC and Marvel Comics recently. What’s causing young readers to give up on the Big 2 so early? (01:16:35) Wes and Perch discuss writer John Ridley’s new BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER gig. Is he the rich man for the job? (01:36:39) BATMAN writer James Tynion IV is the hottest creator in comics. Touting huge sales on DC’s flagship title, he also announced he’s giving Red Robin Trim Drake a bigger spotlight in a future crossover event. (01:50:50) Marvel announced Eminem, Conan O’Brien and members of the US Women’s Soccer team are attending X-MEN HELLFIRE GALA. (01:07:29) X-Men historian Dok shares his opinion on the Marvel’s promotion for their upcoming X-MEN HELLFIRE GALA event. (02:23:59)


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