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Marvel’s X-Men Line Dying, Comics Can’t Develop Talent, Marketing Issues and More

May 1, 2021

Marvel Comics continue running off longtime X-Men readers. Hellfire Gala was already derided after initial promo materials featuring characters in outlandish costumes. The X-Men team take it to another level with their free X-Men Hellfire Gala Guide this week. How long before readers refuse to come back? (00:00) The comic book industry has a long standing tradition of developing new talent in-house. The industry is trying to figure out how to develop writing and art talent in today’s climate of creating at home. Dok and Wes talk about the history and current climate of developing new talent. (14:25) Marvel and DC Comics are creating content for a new, modern audience. But they have yet to crack the code on how to market their stories to this new audience. Gevian Dargan and Wes discuss the ramification. (36:22) DC Comics Batman Fortnite cross-promotion is an enormous success. What can DC Comics do to top it next.? Video game developer and comic artist Eric Canete joins the channel to discuss. (01:06:01) Comic book readers are weary of digital comics because you don’t actually own the material. This week Madefire shutdown, leaving digital customers of Archie Comics, BOOM! Studios and others with nothing to show for their money. Joe Corallo and Wes discuss the worst case scenario playing out. (01:24:17) JoeCoralloa sticks around and discusses the latest reports Disney aren’t paying royalties to comic book creators. (01:42:40) Finally, Wes and comic books etailer Pele review last weeks CHAMPIONS #1 from Danny Lore. Many in the industry have hailed them the next bog writer in comics. Based on CHAMPIONS #1 they have plenty of work to do to make it to the top. (01:58:20)


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