Thinking Critical Comic Book Podcast

Slabbed & Raw Ep 8: Best Comic Collecting Apps, Buying The Right Slabs and More

July 27, 2021

Wes and comic book retailers Pele and Uel Carter dissect the latest developments in comic book collecting. The Slabbed & Raw crew dive into the world of comic book collecting apps. Todays market shifts faster than ever before and collectors need to arm themselves with themes up to date information possible. The panel talk about the positives and negatives of Key Collector, Comic Book Realm, Comic Base, CLZ and Go Collect. (02:33) Buying slabs; Is there more to it than buying the grade? Of course there is. There are many factors comic book collectors need to consider when pricing and ultimately buying slabbed comics. The crew break down all the pro tips so you can get the best value possible. (27:15) Finally, we talk about value hunting, what are the best deals in buying key comics in a market that is correcting? (45:57)


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