Thinking Critical Comic Book Podcast

Is The Comic Book Industry Imploding? With Gevian Dargan

July 29, 2021

Gevian Dargan, former assistant-editor at Milestone Comics, joins Wes for  “It’s Complicated.” Wes and Gevian discuss hot-button issues many people shy away from today. For decades comic book fans have predicted the impending doom fo the entire industry. There are certainly troubling signs. It appears the industry is courting speculators, which was one of the key components of the 90’s comic book implosion. Several high profile comic creators are leaving DC and Marvel Comics, concentrating on creator owned works. Which can be interpreted as both good and bad. Indie comics are as hot as they’ve been in years. The rise of manga and YA graphic novel sales indicate there is a thirst for comic books that DC and Marvel can’t meet.  Wes and Gevian have an honest, open debate about the current state of comic books. Is the industry imploding? You guessed it, it’s complicated.