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Marvel Comics Return To Old Ways, Bendis Sets Up DC Stories in Dec 2021 Solicitations

September 28, 2021

Marvel and DC Comics released their comic book solicitations for December 2021. Wes sorts through well over 100 previews to find hidden gems and outright stinker. Marvel Comics are retiring to their pre-pandemic shutdown ways, flooding the shelves with #1 issues. An amazing 17 of 68 or 25% new comics are #1’s. Marvel are also leaning heavily on Amazing Spider-Man, releasing 5 new issues in December. (00:30) DC Comics continue being Batman focused. 52% of all new DC Comics solicited are led by Batman, feature Batman In a team or are led by a Batman-related character. Most disturbing of all is the Justice League Annual solicitation. Apparently, high-priced free agent whiff Brian Michael Bendis is planting the seeds for multiple major storylines in the future. (29:47)


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